Foilboard Levitaz Transformer

SFr. 1,290




The Transformer is an agile and solid kite wave board with the option of mounting your foil. For this purpose eight thread inserts offer two mounting positions.

  • Perfect for strapless wave kiting – with tail kick position at rear footpad for radical wave riding
  • Optimized foot strap options for every riding style (kitesurf/wavekite/foil)
  • Turning speed vs. upwind performance: smooth running in high speed kiting
  • Wide variety in terms of personal setup and fine-tuning options (2 foil mount options, 5-insert straps)
  • Nose shape and S/R line optimized for soft touchdowns (foiling) and radical surfing in steep and choppy wave conditions
  • Lightweight carbon/glass fiber construction with strong reinforcements
  • Thruster fin configuration and concave bottom shape are perfect for easy wave riding, full-speed escape from high waves or surfing down the line
All boards come ready to fly, with 3 straps and foil mount hardware.
Length 5 ́3” (160 cm)
Width 18 1⁄8” (46 cm)
Thickness 2 2⁄8” (5,9 cm)
Volume 27 ltrs
Weight 3,9 kg
Foilmount Inserts for plate mount (165 x 90 mm)
Two foil mounting positions (+/- 40 mm)

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