Foilboard Levitaz EXO

SFr. 949




  • Perfect for strapless foiling – full deck pad with tail kick for the best possible stance
  • Lightweight carbon/glass fiber construction with strong reinforcements at the standing and foil mount areas
  • 2 or 3-strap options for all foil riding styles
  • Wide variety in terms of personal setup and fine-tuning options (sliding track system, 5-insert straps)
  • Nose shape and S/R line optimized for soft touchdowns and early planning

The new flat deck provides great control, especially when foiling strapless. The bottom shape has a slight scoop-rocker with a nose designed wider in order to ensure optimal planning and good touch-downs.

All boards come ready to fly, with 3 straps and foil mount hardware.
Length 125 cm
Width 44 cm
Thickness 5,6 cm
Volume 18 ltrs
Weight 3,5 kg*
Foilmount Sliding track system (Original FUTURES. 1-Shot boxes)

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